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The English surname Stout is of nickname origin, belonging, as it does, to that category of names based on physical characteristic or personal attribute of an original barer. In this case, the origin of the name can be traced to the Old English word "stut" ("stout" in middle English), or the Old French word "estalt, estout", meaning "stout, bold". This nickname may have originally been attributed to one who was of sturdy build, or one thought to be valiant and strong. The name was once a familiar name in English counties of York and Lancaster. Though somewhat rare in England today, the name flourishes in America.

The name was first recorded, it seems, in 1190. In that year, one Osbert Stute was listed in the Yorkshire Pole Tax. The Lancaster Assize Rolls in 1219, contain a reference to William Stutte, or le Estut, and in 1373, the name of one Adam Stout appears in "The Court Rolls of the Borough of Colchester" (Colchester, 1921-41).

A record, however, of one Henry atte Stoute (1330) in "Place-names of Devonshire" would seem to suggest that the name is also local in origin, derived from the place a man once dwelt or held land. In this case, the name derives from the Old English "stut", which also signifies "a rounded hill". Thus, an original bearer may have been a dweller by this particular feature of the land. There seems to be a place of this name in Yarcombe, Devonshire. The name was established in the New World by English emigrants at an early date. One hundred and three bearers of the name are listed in the Philadelphia Directory in 1885.

Also the German Staudt or Staud surname was aparently Americanized to Stout. See Stouts from Germany.

My Stouts

Richard Stout b. 1615 in Nottinghamshire, England. There is a multitude available on Richard here and there. Start with This page if the name is new to you. Here he is on my Ancestors page: Ancestors #3619.

Peter Stout Ancestors #3610

Samuel Stout Ancestors #3604

Peter Stout Ancestors #3594

Samuel Stout Ancestors #1277

Joseph Stout Ancestors #1254

Allen Joseph Stout Ancestors #3651

John Henry Fisk Stout Ancestors #183

John Henry Fisk Stout Ancestors #183

Edna Stout Ancestors #190

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