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Name Origin

The following is a direct quote from Jim Gibson on his site, Jim's Genealogy Junk: The history of this ancient Galloway Family traces it's ancestry as a family of Dalriadian origin before the year 1100 and appears first in the ancient records of Galloway. The Celtic kingdom of Dalridia spanned from Ulster (in Ireland) to Edinburgh, Scotland. Gibson is patronymic in origin, belonging to the category of surnames derived from the first name of the father of the original bearer. Thus simply denotes, "son of Gilbert" of which Gib(b) was a common diminutive in medieval times.

My Gibsons

I trace my Gibsons back to a Robert GIBSON, who was born about 1685 and lived in North Farnham, Richmond, Virginia. His father's name was John. So far, I don't know where the family came from or how they came to be in Virgina.

In later generations, my Gibsons can be found in Union County, SC and more recently in Washington County, UT.

You can trace my line on my Ancestors Page

Family Site

For members of the Elmer and Edna Gibson Family, I am developing a family site to replace the old site. It will have an address book, an event calandar, pictures, a mailing list, and genealogy. It is a secure site that is password protected. You can request access by emailing me.