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The State of Knowledge for Rudolf Nafzger
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May 2020 Site Updates
See this blog post for information on exciting changes on the site.

Ancestors Pages Removed
I have removed my Ancestors pages. They were full of inacurate data and difficult to maintain. But I will miss the cousins dropping by after those google hits.

Guestbook Update
I have approved the guestbook entries for the past year and a half or so (those that weren't spam). Please forgive the sporatic updates.

Site Fixes
Apparently the site has been down for some time due to changes in the databases of my hosting site. This has been fixed. The sign guestbook feature, which has been down even longer, has also been fixed.

February Feature: Valentine Sails For America In 1831
Appropriate perhaps for Valentine's Day, this month's feature features a prominent Nafzger Valentine (NHN vol II no 2 1974)  more...

January Feature: Peter Lands in America in 1749
From the Nafger Heritage News vol II no 1 (1974)  more...

December Feature: Jacob Nafzger Lands in America in 1750
December's feature article from the Nafzger Heritage News vol I no 3.  more...

Contact email removed
Due to the immense volume of spam generated by posting an email address on my website, I have decided to delete the genealogy at email. Sorry for any inconvenience. Until I come up with anther method, use the guestbook to contact me.

October Feature: Two Brothers Arrive in America
October's feature article from the Nafzger Heritage News vol I no 2.  more...

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