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The Nafzger Index Project

I am comiling a list of books that refer to the Nafzger family and all it's various spellings. The ultimate goal is to index them so they can be searched at this site.

If you have found Nafzgers in any book, you can contribute to the index by submitting the information to me. The prefered format is CSV, but I'll take what ever you send me. As a minimum you should include the title of the book and a list of Names/Pages. Anything else you can include (a date for each name) is helpful. You can submit your contributions here.

If you would like to help index The History of The Nafzger Family in America, please sign the guestbook so we can coordinate efforts.

Other books I would like to see indexed are:

  • Family Histories / Compiled Genealogies
  • Histories of Places that reference Nafzgers
  • Collections of Vital Records
  • Web sites that contain Nafzger information

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Last Modified: 2008-12-11