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Amish Mennonites In Germany

Amish Mennonites In Germany
Their Congregations, The Estates Where They Lived, Their Families
by Hermann Guth
Illinois Mennonite Historical and Genealogical Society, Metamora, Illinios

Originally published as Amische Mennoniten in Deutshland.

Copywrite 1995 by Masthof Press
Route 1, Box 20
Morgantown, PA 19543

ISBN: 1-883294-23-1

You can order this book directly from the publisher ($19.50 list price as of 25 Sep 2003) at Mastof Press or try new or used at (2 avaliable when I checked 25 Sep 2003, but they were much more than from the publisher)

This book consists of:

  • A Short Historical Summary
  • 10 Chapters each dealing with a specific Amish Mennonite congregations
  • Over 20 Genealogies
Of particular interest to the Nafzger researcher are Genealogies 19-22. The following is a portion of the text introducing Genealogy 19: Provisional Presentation of the Descendants of Christian Nafziger of Birlenbach:

Christan Nafzgier was born in 1675 in Uetendorf near Thun in Switzerland, the son of Christian Nafziger and Anna Schnyder. In 1707 he is named as leaseholder in Birlenbach in Lower Alsace (Bas-Rhin), where he had difficulties with the local clergyman (Robert Lutz). He had apparently left his Swiss homeland of his own free will together with his brother Ulrich Nafziger, born in 1686. At least there are no indications either of banishment from their native land or of Anabaptist origin. Possibly the two young men set out to seek their fortunes and only became members of the Amish congregation through marriage to Mennonite women.

Fortunately, the children and grandchildren of Ulrich Nafziger are documented without any gaps, leading to the conclusion that all other Nafzigers to be found must be descendants of Christian Nafziger. His children are not documented but may be established by convincing evidence. (PP 202-203)

Genealogy 20 covers the descendants of Ulrich and Genealogy 21 contines a branch of Genealogy 19.

Here is an Index of Nafzger individuals and families found in the book (taken from the Index).

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