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The History of the Nafzger Family in America

This book was compiled and written by Glea Brown Richer and published in 1939. I don’t know of any place that you can purchase the book.

The book presents it’s data in a form similar to what I know as a Modified Register. Glea organizes the people into families and treats one family at a time. The head of household is numbered and there is also a number referring to the parents number. Glea tends to try to group these family units into extended families, but the order in which she does so is not consistently systematic. The data is also divided into two parts. The first, including id numbers 1-499 and pages 14-109, are the descendants of Nafzgers that arrived before 1800 from Switzerland. The second, including individuals 500-778 and pages 111-170, are those that arrived after 1800 from various parts of Europe. Before each section and with many of the families, she provides more information in paragraph form. There are about 774 numbered individuals and almost 4000 total individuals listed in this book.

To date I have entered individuals with id 1-71, with a total of over 300 individuals.

In entering the information into my genealogy program, I have found it useful to include the id number in (). For those without id numbers I have assigned an Id number of the form (<id of parent >c<number>) for children, (<id of spouse>s<number>) for spouses, and (<id of parent >c<number>s<number>) for spouses of children.

I have tried to include all information given in the book in my genealogy program. Occupation, Residence, Emigration, Moving, etc. are usually entered as an event. Other information may be found in the notes or as comments in the source. My web page ( includes all of this information. This page also includes information from other sources.

I have also scanned the whole book and ran ocr software on some of the larger segments of text from the book. This information is copyrighted 1939, Glea Brown Richer and published by Stump Printing Company.

-Ben Noffsinger

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